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Stay Away From Identity Theft Issue

If you are still unaware of the latest kind of crimes going on in the market, then you are sure among the people who will fall prey to it.  Take a glance on the various types of crimes that are taking place due to improvement in technology.

The same technology that is helping people to perform amount transactions and purchase products straight away from their home is posing a big issue to the present generations. Stealing Identity information of customers in various forms is becoming a high level crime.


Cyber criminals sitting right in front of their computer are hacking others secret information to make money. This particular kind of theft is on rise and huge numbers of people are getting affected from it.

People from all across the globe are suffering from the problem of Identity theft issue. Your secret information of your credit card will be stolen and purchase worth thousands of dollars can be made on your name.

The type of misuse of the identity information depends on the criminals, which varies from online purchase of products, offline purchase in shops, bill payments, transferring amounts and many more. So to stay away from such scam and fraud, you need to take the help of Identity Guard.

You should thus take care of few points that can help to keep you safe from this dangerous mess. Always try to update your computers firewall in regular intervals. You antivirus program and various types of anti spy software’s can help you to protect your identity.

It is estimated that taking of these steps can help you avoid any wrong deeds by around 90%. Try to use very different kinds of password that are generally very tough to guess. Never try to use date of birth as your pin number.

The password should be very strong, which should be a mix of lower case, upper case and numeric digits. It is your responsibility to change the passwords at regular intervals to stay away from the problem.

Do not provide any personal information on various types of networking websites that you use frequently. Hackers first of all try to gain information about you from those platforms.

Always keep it simple and never share any information that can be related to your account information. Never ever try to use same kind of passwords for various accounts. Keeping same kind of passwords for all accounts makes the work easy for the criminals.

It is thus advised to keep different and tricky passwords. After all it’s your account, hence you should pay keen attention on your ongoing transactions to stay alert and avoid Identity theft problem.